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What’s in a name? And why you would trademark.

Still smiling from the post I received today. The official certificate from the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) to confirm “TAELON” has been trademarked.

You may find this surprising, the Government website is extremely resourceful. The IPO website in particular covers (links included for ease):

  1. Intellectual property: an overview
  2. Trade marks
  3. Patents
  4. Copyright
  5. Designs
  6. Law and practice

The excuses I hear over and over again, mainly by start ups is: “It’s on the backlog to do” or, “its too expensive”. Or finally, my favourite “we don’t need it”. Yes they are referencing a trademark.

You may remember a couple of years ago, Monzo (one of my favourite brands) rebranding from Mondo after a trademark dispute in the US. The most recent is Kerv having to re-brand due to similar sounding name in the same category. Those are “small”/ startup company examples. The one that has been going on for years now is, Nestle, trying to trademark their 4 bar kit kat “shape”

If that doesn’t make you shift in your seat, how about this for a stat:

More than 5.7 million trademark applications were filed with the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) in 2017

This all being said, the generic advice I am giving you here is for Trademarks. Something to remember is each country has their own legislations about rules around Trademarks. For example, in the UK (where I started), you need to trademark the name in your home country first before you can do abroad registrations. 

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