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What the F is a Full Stack Marketing Person?

Being an Full Stack Marketer (FSM) means having knowledge and being able to deliver of an extensive range of marketing techniques.

Throughout my career, I have had the constant battle with people about the different skill sets required for marketing and sales and then in the next breath the battle about how marketing (check More Bonuses here) is more impactful with data. Whilst in a long-term role at an advertising agency, we were probably one of the first to hero “art and science” how you need data and creative to both work hand in hand for effective campaigns. The day also came where we as a creative agency, won awards for strategy alone <shock face emoji>.

Fast forward a couple of years and a few startups under my belt, I feel like I’m back to square one again. Nowadays with social media and pace, everyone believes they are a marketer and fair play, some people do have the natural ability. However, this still seems to be the first team/ department to have budgets cut when cost-saving exercises take place and then in the next conversation the first ones blamed for lack of exposure or sales which is usually followed by “you need to hack it and think smarter”.

Such a person will, naturally, tune in to what’s happening across advertising, marketing technology and even data science.


Here’s a “snapshot” of the skills a Full Stack Marketer will be able to deliver on:

  1. Customer support

    Organic posts, community management, live chat

  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  3. Paid for advertising

    Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts,

  4. Market Research

    Conducting focus groups, competitor analysis

  5. Public relations

    Influencer outreach and management, Traditional press for newspaper, radio, tv

  6. Storytelling

    Content writing, emails, blogs, videos

  7. Website optimisation

    Landing pages, CTA’s, CRM and platform integrations

  8. Strategy

    Funnel marketing, audience profiling, lead generation

  9. Big Data

    A/B testing, Google Analytics, GTM/ UTM’s, Reporting and Dashboards

  10. Branding/ positioning

    Design, user experience

  11. Mobile marketing

    App store promotion and optimisation

  12. E-Commerce

    Shopify, Amazon store, Facebook shop, Payment solutions e.g. Paypal/ Stripe

We’ve seen the increase in need for developers to be able to multilingual code or be able to do front and back end, queue the rise of full stack developers. The one thing is apparent, a true marketer who can translate sales/ product/ tech is essential and a unicorn. This is something I can say personally has always been a bug/ passion (yes they can do hand in hand) and to me the one key to tie everyone together is data. In an interview about 18 months ago, I was asked what immediate hire I would like/ require joining the company as a CMO, my response didn’t even need a thought, a Data Analyst.

The perfect recipe is the ability and rightly said by Adobe in their article “those who can balance data and brand storytelling with equal ease.” Now I’m not saying everyone needs to be able to do everything to work a marketing role but a Full Stack Marketeer is finally recognition for those who can or should I say want to.

If you’re a full-stack marketer you can complete everything your client needs from start to finish. A purple marketing unicorn will be able to easily produce successful campaigns at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Lauren Holliday

To be clear, a Full Stack Marketer does not mean they cannot decide on a specialism or career, these are the people (and talking from experience too) who can “get shit done”, hence the alternative name “Growth Hacker” (personal preference, I don’t like it). If you think you are ready to engage with a FSM then let us know ;).

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