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Are you being heard? What is your voice strategy?

“Alexa, Good Morning”

“Alexa, What’s the weather today”

“Alexa, Give me flash briefing”

“Alexa, Boost heating”

Taelon, 2019

Does the above look / sound familiar to any part of your morning routine? It is for me. 65% of 25-49 year olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day. In the age of “constant on the go”, I (like may others) have taken completely to my digital assistant, Amazon echo dot. As some say, your AI is now become your right hand in the home, and this is expected to grow to to 55% of households expected to own a smart speaker devices by 2022. So whether Alexa, Google or Jarvis these are now becoming more and more integrated as part of our life and all around our homes, and we cannot ignore this any longer.

I’m sure we will all forever the viral news reporter situation from 2017, where the news reporter had been explaining a story about a little girl ordering a dollhouse through their AI without parents consent, to which the reporter’s command meant viewers with the same AI also placed this dollhouse order. However we seem to have progressed far in the past 24 months with the likes of NASA, Uber, Starbucks (re-order) The Body Coach (on a mission with 15 mins workouts), NHS (UK to offer health advice), and many others (a good blog about the best ones) all enabling Alexa skills.

The thing is, this is without considering AI integrating into other home items like, our bathroom mirrors, fridges, and more. The most recent story shows how kids are adapting to these smart home devices too. An incident of a teen had her phone confiscated whilst her mother was at work, therefore resorting to tweeting from their LG fridge #FreeDorothy . The verdict is still out whether this was actually fake news.

“By 2020,

30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen”

Gartner, 2017

Voice Strategy Thoughts

Therefore my question stands …
What is your voice strategy?
Are you optimizing your website for voice search?
What are your voice keywords?

Voice Strategy Keyword Research

According to SEM Rush, some points to be kept in mind while preparing keywords for voice searches are:

Question keywords should be targeted. As illustrated before, voice search queries contain a lot of question words like how, what, when, why, where. The next time you add keywords for voice search, make sure you include these.

Long-tail keywords complete a question, and people have been sticking to this approach when using voice. We shouldn’t ignore long-tail keywords when we optimize for voice searches.

“Filler words” are a must to be included in questions which make the query more conversational and human. The examples of filler words are “I, the, of the, on the, to, for,” etc. 

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