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Turns out, I like “reading”, Gentle Reader

You all know I am not a big fan of “reading’. I don’t mind a productivity book when I’m on holiday aka learning new skills from a badass. However I would not consider “reading” a hobby of mine. This was true, until about a year ago. I realised how much content I actually consume and hours I spend online as a Marketing professional, whether press releases or algorithm updates or scoping new tech. One thing for sure, I end up having 10000 tabs open and get confused. AND this is but just one of the many reasons that I work with an epic start up called Gentle Reader.

Gentle Reader is a new start up born in London – Their/Our ethos is to “READ DIFFERENTLY”. Whether you read a lot of newspapers or blogs, or is it keeping up with twitter feeds – you can add all of this and consume it on one place. In addition, you can save/ bookmark articles to come back to and read at a later stage, again, all within the app.


The beauty of Gentle Reader is the resourcefulness of applications it is available for; Webapp, Mac app, iOS (iPhone and iPad), PLUS an Alexa skill! For those Android users, this is coming shortly and before Autumn is here.

We want to simplify the way the read and for you to have your own sense of escapism. The escapism that lets you actually READ the content instead of just flicking through. Whether you are having a coffee in Starbucks, sat commuting on the tube or having a bed day – These are exactly one of those days where I always try to create my own escapism space.

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