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After many a journey of life client side, agency life and even startups, the time was right to embark on my own adventure. The type of journey where I have the flexibility to choose who and where I can collaborate with people. Having gained the experience, skills and somewhat grey hairs, I just had to find a “title” that explained all this; “full stack marketer.”

To give you the long and short of me, I live, sleep, breathe digital and love sharing the knowledge in all aspects of social media and the digital world.

The tick boxes; a BA in Marketing, qualified Project Manager (Prince 2 Practitioner) and an Agile Scrum Master. I know how to organise and deliver. Combine these with a curious mindset and you get a passionate person who thrives on solving problems, strategic planning and then through to the measurement of trends and ROI.

A.k.A. Full Stack Marketing Consultant.

If you fancy digging around some in my digital world you are more than welcome to snoop at any of my social channels which are linked below in the footer. Otherwise, you can complete your details below and I will get back to you