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Pink Squid – Squidology: The art and science of Employer Branding

Whilst working at Pink Squid I led, organised and hosted an event called Squidology.


I have to admit, we were (and they still are), very fortunate at Pink Squid that due to the DNA of the culture of the company, the work spoke for itself. Therefore, we never had to have a new business department or hunt for new clients, they would ask us to tender for their accounts. So this event was never going to be an event to raise awareness of the Squid brand. The objective was actually to give back. For years, the squids had attended events whether run by brands or media. The Budget was limited as we were saving for a new office (yes to buy one) plus being a start-up, this is always the scenario. This meant we had to pull in favours from everyone and anywhere we knew.


We partnered up with a brand close to our hearts, The Guardian Media Group who have a gorgeous venue space plus ALL the gadgets in tech that you could dream of. We teamed up with two very special people to me personally, Kyndra and Rob – who crafted our very own “Squidtini” drink recipe and baked the perfect combination of vanilla cupcakes with popping candy in the middle. We then reached out to our clients and who would be up for sharing their story. 


A completely sold out event, including a waiting list of up to 100 people! The drop off rate on the day, no word of a lie was 2%. 

The clients who showcased were Legal & General, Jaguar Land Rover and King.com.