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King – Enter our world

King Games Enter Our world event stand

I was the Account Director for King.com whilst working at Pink Squid, which covered all integrations online and offline of communications.


King.com was expanding fast and already a global company, which meant their teams were travelling around Europe a lot to raise awareness from a consumer and employer branding. They gave us a set budget which could not be increased and the brief was simple (or so); create 2 event stands that reflect us as a brand and can be easily transportable with a module build to suit different venues.


What we did
Careers fairs and experiential events can often be an overwhelming mix of things to see and do with many brands in competition for visitor’s attention. King, being a company built on thinking outside the box had the perfect opportunity to do something different and stick out from the crowd.

We made a fully interactive window into the world at King powered by an ingenuous piece of technology called RasberryPi. Something no other event stand has ever done before. Remaining true to the characteristics of the business, and being informative and engaging in a fun way, we encourage visitors to explore the space and incidentally help bring it to life.

The Stand
A modular concept measuring 6×4 fully complete, the ‘Enter Our World’ event space was built and designed to resemble that of Mr Toffee & Tiffi’s house, two of the most recognisable characters from King’s most successful game. For visitors however, it was more than just game related décor. By discovering about life at King and interacting with the furniture and features within the stand, the room essentially comes to life with light and sound, responsive to your every move.

Capable of doing everything you’d expect from a desktop computer, the credit-card sized programming device is used in a wide array of digital maker projects, perfect for the interests of technology enthusiasts attracted to King. Combined with sound activating sense pads hardwired into seats, floor mats, tables and light fittings, visitors were encouraged to discover and explore how life at King isn’t always what you might expect.

The competition

A step-by-step user guide was created for teams to assemble the stand on their own as well as answer any questions that may arise during the setup process.

Visitors were encouraged to visit King’s careers site. It informed potential candidates about current opportunities in their field that were available to them as well giving more insight into life at King.


The first test of the event stand was at the WebSummit in Dublin



Although we never won any awards for our innovation, we received several nominations including:

  • RAD Award 2016 Nomination – Best Outdoor, Events and Experiential
  • CIPD RMA Award 2015 Nomination – Best Outdoor Campaign