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Creating your own studio at home

Let’s create a studio at home, she says.

Well and truly a weekend project which was sparked from an idea only a few days prior. Taking action.

Well that all became a beautiful reality this weekend. My parents have a wonderful (not quite) double garage which is built at the back of their house as a stand alone building with a workshop as well. Growing up I pretty much spent all of my teenage years in here. To secure this space you can see it here on how you can get experts to make sure your garage door is all sturdy and keep your garage secure.

Armed with a busy Pinterest board of inspiration of what’s to to come with The Studio.

The “Before” photo, a.k.a. the evidence of how it used to exist and the task I was about to take on. You know how they say

One mans trash is another mans treasure

After sorting boxes, trimming branches peeking through the roof, cleaning down cobwebs and even disposing of slugs!?! The time was right to start the main task, PAINTING. Of course, this was the next hurdle


So the base of The Studio is prepared and now I can start having some fun with different colour spaces, however rather going to use some boards and back drops to create this so it’s easier to keep clean in the sense of for photos.


After a 36hour sprint of DIY, covered in paint, body parts aching and definitely need a shower, here’s a few pointers to takeaways for creating your own studio at home:

  • Paint has a used by date so don’t be precious
  • No matter how much preparation, you WILL get covered in paint
  • Have a good speaker to blast a fabulous playlist
  • This is your studio and your space to express yourself
  • It will never truly be “finished”

TheStudio_SelfieWelcome to The Studio 💡🍃