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Apple Special Event

It’s been a while since I have been able to catch an Apple event live without a broken connection whilst on a tube home or checking in between work. So this time, I got comfy on the sofa, cup of coffee and streamed live both on my Apple TV (of course) and on Twitter whilst being able to follow the conversation #AppleEvent

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm/ 44mm from $399/ £399 GPS and from $499/ £499 with cellular Pre-order Sep 14, Ships Sep 21.
It is now is full bleed, thinner and better battery life than ever before with up to 18 hrs last inc 6hrs outdoor activity. 

There is also 3 new heart features:
– Low/ high heart rate monitor
– Fall detection with Emergency calling
– Electrocardiogram (ECG)


iPhone X R (6.1) from $749/£749 Pre-order Oct 19, Ships Oct 26.
This seems to be the modern iPhone 5 C, the affordable of the iPhone X series which comes in the legendary colourful range; white, black, blue, coral, yellow and product red.

iPhone X S (5.8) from $999 Pre-order Sep 14, Ships Sep 21.
Keeping with Apple’s trend of a “S” model a year on, the screen size, height, weight et al, are the same as the current iPhone X.

iPhone X S Max (6.5) from $1,099 Pre-order Sep 14, Ships Sep 21.
To give you an idea of sizing, it is the same size as the iPhone 7/ 8 Plus but full bleed screen so the largest screen iPhone to date. To note the top of the range 512GB is priced at £1,499. 

The new iPhones promise longer battery life, waterproof for 1 minute longer, cinematic video, portrait mode with advanced depth control and a shiny new A12 chip – meaning everything got faster.

Other updates

There were updates that I dare say were smaller but obviously don’t get as much of the highlights. One of the biggest moments, this Times magazine (as shown above) is an industry first to have the cover shot on an iPhone. Amazing. You can see the rest of the covers in the series here.

Dual/ E-Sim is an old school idea but a a new feature for the iPhone’s. For those who have to carry business and personal phones (now you can physically carry one). Or for those who travel regularly and end up buying sim cards abroad for better local rates. You can read more about this here.

Apple is 100% renewable energy and if you didn’t know already about the about the trade in, any old device you have in working order you can get cash or, or if it is not working then Apple will recycle is responsibly.

Previous models of iPhones, you will notice anything below an iPhone 7 is no longer and the only 1 year old, iPhone X is no longer available either.

The question is what will you be ordering? Seems to be the Apple Watch Series 4 has caught my eye the most and realised my Generation One Apple Watch is from 2015. LONG overdue upgrade.

N.B. Photos used are screenshot captures from the live stream event.