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Hi, I'm Taelon, ....

Who is Taelon

Where shall we start. I remember vividly the conversations with my parents about taking a gap year before going to university; fortunately for me, they were very encouraging and understanding of this as being South African immigrants the opportunity to explore the world and live a little was always something we aspired for. The one condition was that I had to return to start university and “finish my education”. But least it would give me a chance to grow up and really discover if I wanted to do a degree in Marketing. Haha. So, 18 year old me, solo, travelled for 10 months across Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Oooo the memories and adventures.

In the beginning

Officially the travel bug

University completed. BA in Marketing achieved. The proceeding years followed with an incredible career in across New York and London which included some amazing awards won whilst at Pink Squid. But every day was a countdown to the next holiday – as my old creative director would say “what’s your duvet flip”. The years went on and I continued in the rat race, bought my first house, gorgeous wardrobe, great dinners. 

In the beginning

Apparently everything changes at 30 in the Philippines

At the time I had switched to doing consultancy to start creating a more remote working environment for myself. My best friend was working at a company in Chiang Mai and had recommended me for a contract opportunity they had. Interview done, job offered and I was on a plane to Thailand within 2 weeks of that phone call. This just got a bit more interesting although less financially beneficial. 

It Just so happens ... Covid happened.​

Well well well if it isn’t the mother of remote working and flooding the market. Not to mention that job absolutely dive bombing because of having a business built on brick and mortar plus relying on tourism. This meant more than 400+ employees (mix of foreigners and Thai) “taking voluntarily furlough” – not like the western worlds and most certainly not with the same pay support. In the darkness of all this, a good friend of mine asked me what had been holding me back from launching my own digital agency . This was the real A-Ha moment when It Just So Happens was born. 

I thought I wanted to be a digital nomad.

I do. But I don’t. You see, as always, I want it all. And for now, I have found the balance is living the laptop lifestyle with Bangkok as my base. The one thing that is certain is, I like to do cool things with cool people whether it’s … guest lecturing to students or scuba diving with fishes, being hands on deck with IJSH or smashing a beast workout, business and marketing consulting or gadget girl with any tech I can get my hands on.

Where we are now