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30 learnings before 30

April 19th, today marks my half birthday (yes this is a thing in my world), it actually also marks 6 months until I turn 30(October 19th if you needed to note it in your diary).

<queue the compliments of how young I look approaching 30>
 In all honesty, I am waiting for the shock factor to kick in, or the panic of “sh*t I’m getting old” – but so far, so good. Someone once said to me,
“your 30s is your 20s with more money”
and isn’t that so true!? I can’t wait! I’m also not doing a 30 before 30 list or anything as I believe every day should be lived like this.

So instead, I wanted to document 30 things I’ve learned before turning 30, that I would have told my younger self ..:

  1. YOU control your own fate and you need to graft every day, Mum will inspire you to never give up as she is the most incredible trooper you know
  2. Don’t be scared of calories, life is too short to be distracted by counting these
  3. Learn to cook, fresh is best (and fewer calories!)
  4. Running won’t kill you and actually, you aren’t too bad at it either
  5. Your OCD of writing lists means you will have ace project management skills
  6. It’s a mans world so you will need to continue to support the cause for years to come
  7. Corporate life is not for you, but it will teach you patience
  8. You always knew deep down you were a Feminist but never said it out loud, DO IT and shout it proudly
  9. You’ve never been much of a “reader”, you hadn’t found the right reading material, Power Women and inspiration books will lead you to owning a bookcase!
  10. Pay off your debt sooner, as although those minimum payments are small, its waaayyyy more expensive to put it off
  11. Friends and even boyfriends will come and go, but family is everything
  12. Your sister will meet a boy, who will challenge you all the time, but is a wonderful addition to the family
  13. Priorities will change, embrace change, it will make you stronger
  14. You will get a lot of “remarks” for making the life choice to not have children
  15. It’s fabulous being single, and your own company is a joy, anything you thought you needed to be in a couple/ group to do, you can do by yourself
  16. You won’t grow anymore, nope 5”2 is where you will always be until you start shrinking in old age
  17. Invest in good shoes, yes these usually come with a price tag, but your feet and back will thank you later
  18. Be brave. Your parents were brave moving a young family to the UK in 1997, what’s your excuse?
  19. You reside in London, therefore you always need to carry sunglasses and an umbrella
  20. Backpacks may not “look cool” but your spine needs the support from shopping bags
  21. dAd will always be your influencer and mentor, he is wise and you need to pay more attention to what he advises
  22. The weather affects your mood, you love the sun, therefore some days will be harder
  23. On that, you really do love the sun, however, you will see how it will harm loved ones so get smart on sun protection
  24. True friends are limited and only time will tell who these are
  25. Think positive and positive will come, like mum always has and will continue to say, everything happens for a reason
  26. You are born unique, don’t be anything but that
  27. You will go grey at a young age, it’s the irony of having being blessed with rich dark hair
  28. Smile, not pout, whilst you still have teeth, it will also discourage frowning wrinkles
  29. Your sister is your world, she is literally the other half person to you, never take her for granted
  30. Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel.

To finish off a good list seems only appropriate to drop a few memories relating to these notes and a reminder of what a wonderful journey I have already lived, and yet there is more to come. Planning to get high quality gun optics! Here’s to turning 30 (in 6 months)!